Is a cup of coffee just a cup of coffee? Sometimes. But, when you want a specific type of coffee drink, the anticipation and expectation can build up and your experience can be really great or really disappointing if you can’t get exactly what you want.

The personality of the barista or clerk can easily affect your enjoyment of the coffee. There are ways of telling people that what they want is unavailable or no longer available. Darn, okay – just have to select something else. The understanding tone in their voice along with an alternate suggestion can turn potential disappointment into a positive experience and a happy customer.

On the other hand, we’ve probably all experienced a service attendant who’ll just flat out say that they’re out of the product you want and sit there in silence without offering a suggestion for something else.  Somehow you feel irritated and somewhat cheated after you pay and drive away. You really just want to tell them to get a personality.  Receipts for chain establishments often have survey links, so you can at least say your piece.

A genuine smile is a great reflection upon a company and can win a customer for life.  Since my favorite seasonal latte was no longer available at my usual coffee stop, I decided to try a new local place, Open Doors Coffeehouse.  I had enjoyed an afternoon inside the place with a friend and knew that they have a drive-through window, so I decided to give them a go for my AM coffee break.  I ordered a latte and a Fresh Fruit Belgian Waffle (not realizing that the “dressed” waffles aren’t available at the drive through).  Rather than telling me no, though, the barista excitedly offered me one with sprinkled powdered sugar.  Yes!  She made it sound like glitter and confetti were being served with it!  The smile she gave me when she handed me my order through the window was like sunshine.  I genuinely felt appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed my waffle and latte.  I plan to visit them more often!

Speaking of personality, does your brand have a personality?  Do your followers easily recognize your ads and posts?  Do they reflect who you are as a business or organization?  You definitely want to develop a strong visual brand and carry it through your social media channels, blogs, website, email blasts, and printed materials.

Firstly, establish your brand’s personality and voice.  Your brand consists of everything associated with your company as well as the way it makes people feel.  Know what you’re selling and to whom you’re selling it.  If you were describing your brand to a friend, what would you say about it?  Does it like to soak in the sun and elements, stay up on trends and technology, is upbeat and funny, or likes inspiring others?

Personality is reflective of emotion and the human elements of your brand whereas identity is defined through communication, colors, logos, fonts, and filters.  A brand’s identity is part of its personality.  Some basic traits to compare in establishing your brand’s personality include:  young or mature, masculine or feminine, funny or formal, trendy or classic, reserved or outspoken, premium or economical, and charming or personable?

Your brand’s identity is revealed through its association with color palettes, typefaces, shapes, alignment, and imagery.  Your brand may be more formal if your images are stark with cool colors and left justified with serifed typeface and fine borders.  But if you’re more laid back, then your images will be warm and inviting, round and centered with sans serif typeface.  How about the life of the party?  Imagery would be bold and saturated, centered with uppercase font and heavy borders.  If your images are spacious and harmonious with soothing colors, scripted font, and fine borders, then you may be a muse.  Where do you fit in?

It’s important to have anyone representing your brand understand its personality and voice if you’re going to effectively market yourself.  Need help figuring out your brand’s personality or how to bring its elements together to create a strong visual presence for your marketing plan? Give The High Road Agency a shout!