Last fall, my daughters and I loaded up my car (a reliable brand, supposedly bulletproof) and left Northeast Tennessee headed for sunny Southwest Florida for our annual week-long vacation on the gulf. After making good time for the first 4 hours, my reliable, bulletproof car broke down. This led to a frantic rush to find a place in a distant city to store my broken car for a week and find a rental car… on a Sunday evening.

Unfortunately, those four hours in my car on the way to Florida was the last time that car would run… at least while I owned it. Ultimately, it needed a new engine, an investment I was not willing to make. So I sold the broken car to a friend in Florida and bought a newer car. My family and I have loved driving our new car for the past 3 months, getting used to the new way the car rides, the way the seats feel, the lack of adequate cup holders.

Before I shipped the broken car to Florida, I went out to the driveway to clean all of my junk out of it. I climbed in and sat in the driver’s seat. And it was so comfortable. It was like seeing an old friend again, like driving by your old house, eating at your favorite restaurant, wearing your favorite shirt. It just felt right. But I knew it wouldn’t start. It didn’t work anymore.

We challenge this notion of comfort with clients on a regular basis. The old way feels right, it feels easier and fluffier, but is it the right fit for their business? 

Them: “But we’ve always mailed postcards to our clients.”

Us: “And is that bringing in any business?”

Them: “No.”

Us: “…”

Them: “…”

It can be hard to leave a strategy that you’ve been using for a long time, that feels good, that used to power your sales and your leads. But if it doesn’t work anymore, it might be time to trade in for a new idea that starts when you turn the key. 

The channels that people now consume information change day by day, and the rules that govern how content gets to those consumers is altered by the minute. The High Road Agency can help navigate these challenges and develop a new strategy that can reach your consumers. Is it time for you trade in for a newer model?