The domestic and global trend towards mobile devices poses unique opportunities for businesses: be found on-the-go, create beautiful content optimized for small screens, sell products to consumers regardless of location, all part of a mobile ready strategy. As global PC sales drop by somewhere between 6-10% this year, consumers are spending more time and more money on mobile devices, i.e. phones and tablets. It is important for your brand to display properly and efficiently on a small screen.

What is Mobile-Ready?

A mobile-ready website is one that is optimized for loading on mobile phones and tablets, on multiple mobile operating systems, and via wi-fi or cellular data connections with content that is easy to see and navigate. If you site takes longer than 10 seconds to load or has type that is too small to see, your site visitor is unlikely to stay.

Why is it important to be mobile ready?

As of 2013, 63% of all cell phone users go online using their cellular device. “Since 91% of Americans are cell phone owners, this means that 57% of allAmericans now go online using a mobile phone” (via source). Furthermore, 34% of cell users go online primarily on their cell phone.

In 2012, 72% of consumers expected businesses to have a mobile ready website and 55% said a non-mobile-ready website is frustrating and hurts the consumers opinion of the brand (via source).

How can I tell if my site is mobile friendly?

1. Does your page load quickly on a cellular data connection?

2. Does your site require pinch-and-zoom for the user to see the content?

3. Is your site easy to navigate from a cell phone?

4. Does your site reflect your brand on a phone or tablet?

If your site is not mobile ready, make the change as quickly as you can. Customers are moving on to your competitor’s fast-loading, easy-to-see websites.


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