Here lately we’ve had a lot of dreary weather and I’ve come to notice my mood has been following the weather pattern. To clarify: I’ve been a Debbie Downer. Given what we do for a living, I’ve realized that I’ve been warping my brand to be negative. This made me begin thinking – am I representing my company in a poor light? It’s time for me to change my outlook.

What you put out into the world is how others perceive you and your brand – it’s more than just a logo and a building. Everyone that works at your company represents your brand. To create a positive brand image you need to be able to share positive things you or your company is doing. Negative things happen and it’s okay to have bad days but it’s important not to dwell on them and learn and turn it into a positive. Keeping a positive moral and demeanor in the workplace and with your customers is of utmost importance.

If you think your company is not being perceived positively, we can help you create a positive brand image with our PR experts.