Assuming that one size fits all social channels can really cramp your style.  Determine which networks most appeal to your audience by trying them on.  Different content styles are more attractive on some sites than on others, and you’ll know what works best by engagement.  A tailored approach will get a higher response.  Select your best suit for LinkedIn, keeping it classy and professional.  Let your playful side shine through the other social sites, and you can even get a little artsy on Instagram!

Don’t post too many selfies!  Your audience appreciates being recognized and included, so find out what interests them.  Open a dialog that engages them rather than bombard them with a zillion different angles of your best pose.  Mashable reminds us to Make it about them.

Text is out!  It’s all about image now.  Create unique, quality content if you want to stand out in the feed.  Graphics should be streamlined and recognizable by designer no matter where you connect.  Appealing images generate powerful impressions on any channel.

Don’t wear out a meme just to get attention.  Sure, they will get a quick like, but do you want to look like everyone else?  If that one’s already been seen on the red carpet, why not get creative and make your own?  Oh, no you didn’t share that one again!

Keep it short and sweet because long isn’t in vogue!  Vine and Instagram Videos are all the rage.  With content rapidly filling our feeds, 6 second Vines and 15 second Instagram Videos get noticed.  As Entrepreneur notes, they’re easy to share since Vine is owned by Twitter and Instagram by Facebook.

You can’t just throw the channel on and expect it to get attention.  It may have fabulous visual content, but you have work it to get the deserved recognition.  Strut on the catwalk, show some personality, and invite others to engage.  Once you establish your style with the audience, they’ll expand your reach by sharing it.

Don’t ignore the attention you’re getting.  If you don’t respond promptly to your audience, then they will forget about you.  Your fabulous content won’t live longer than a couple hours on Facebook or even 20 minutes on Twitter, and you certainly won’t gain popularity with the weekend Pinterest crowd either.

Recognize these potential runway obstacles to growing successful social channels and optimize your presence online.

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