Charlotte Community Foundation 2020

Connecting People Who Care With Causes That Matter

The High Road Agency partnered with the Charlotte Community Foundation (CCF) in 2019 and has provided various services for the nonprofit organization based in Punta Gorda, Fla.

Partnership summary

Unlike nonprofit organizations focused on a single cause, CCF embraces the entire Charlotte County community by serving donors, advocating for philanthropy, and supporting other nonprofit organizations. CCF helps develop grants that support scholarships for students, fund education programs for youths, provide for animals’ welfare, and help protect and restore the environment. Intending to connect people who care with causes that matter, CCF has also created endowed funds that support grants for worthy charities. The organization doesn’t implement its own programs; instead, they partner with nonprofit organizations that conduct charitable works in their community.

By working across the community, CCF understands what makes Charlotte County tick – including the needs of residents, the forces of change, and the region’s capacity for growth. The end-goal is to enhance Charlotte County residents’ quality of life by nurturing a community of givers and connecting them to the causes that make a difference.

CCF CEO, Ashley Maher, said that the organization had struggled for years with branding recognition, consistency within their branding, and how to take their work to the next level, which led them to seek help from the High Road Agency.

Over the past year, the High Road Agency has endeavored to show its flexibility and ability to adapt to the changing needs of CCF due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019, HRA visited the organization in person, which allowed us to get to know them, their needs, their passion, and their mission, before embarking on our first project, a user-friendly website, which allows staff members to make edits as needed.

HRA also produced a video for the organization, designed and printed newsletters, handled social media advertising and social media management, created an ad to be placed in local newspapers, edited scholarship videos, and worked on their End of Year Cheer event. Currently, HRA is working on a 12-pagephilanthropymagazine for CCF.

Gifts and Gab

The High Road Agency designed a printed newsletter as well as an accompanying web newsletter for CCF.


“We recognized in today’s society that in order for our work to be seen across multiple platforms, we would need to advance our previous technology barriers, create an engaging, interactive, useful and easy-to-navigate website, and enhance our storytelling to allow users to feel connected to the work being done at and by CCF.

Meeting High Road was by chance opportunity and we could not be more grateful.They have always made us feel that we are a high priority and it showed when it came to deliverance of projects, assisting in the creative process and presenting final products that were beyond our expectation. We know we are not the experts when it comes to marketing/public relations so finding a firm that can help elevate our ideas while taking the vision to the next level is exactly what every company should look for and High Road is who can achieve that for them like they have for us.”

Ashley Maher

Charlotte Community Foundation CEO

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