Your brand is not just your name and logo. Your brand is your voice, your tone, your look, and more that all come together to represent who you are. A brand guide is an essential tool for your company to maintain consistency in your marketing efforts and beyond.


The purpose of a brand guide is to introduce your brand and communicate how the different elements work together to form your identity. The guide is generally used by your marketing team, designers, writers, and media.


It is important to build and reinforce a consistent perception of your company every time your communicate with your audience and the community. The message you send on all marketing platforms should sound like it came from the same place.


Your look is one of the most important aspects of your brand identity as it is how most consumers will continuously recall with your brand. Your look may include everything from your logo, your colors, and the imagery you use to market your brand.

  • YOUR LOGO. How you want your logo to look and be used should be clearly written in your brand guidelines and should be shared and appropriately communicated to everyone who may use your logo or brand. One-color logos and separate icons should be communicated if available.
  • YOUR COLOR PALETTE. Sticking to a main color palette is critical to maintain consistency in your marketing efforts. This color palette can (and a lot of times should) extend to colors outside of the colors that are used in your logo. This allows for a larger variety and more creative content created for your brand.
  • TYPOGRAPHY. Having a solid typography set will steer designers and/or employees away from using flashy fonts that may be way outside of the look that your brand has established. Just like your logo and color palette, having a specific typography set will continue to create a recognizable consistency for your brand.
  • IMAGERY. The images that you use in your marketing tells a story about your brand, and because of this it is important to be consistent with the style of imagery you use for your brand.

Do you need help creating an identity for your brand? Or, are you considering rebranding? We can help you build your brand starting with the foundation or build upon the foundation you have set. Give us a call!