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First impressions are everything. Whether it’s a handshake, a smile, tone of voice, or simply how well kept you are, people are gathering information on who you are and what you represent. The first impression for your brand? Your logo – more specifically the colors of your logo.

‘Hue Do You Think You Are?’ discussed the psychology of color, but do you use your color psychology to choose the right colors – first impression – for your brand?


Reds can be powerful and emotion-provoking.

Best Used: accent or subdued – can be overpowering as base color.

Association: passion, stimulation, excitement, power, growth.


Greens are calming and neutral.

Best Used: great as a base color but works well as an accent – green is the most pleasing hue to the eye.

Association: balance, nature, growth, stability, safety, affluence.


Blue is the hue most can relate to.

Best Used: easily used in any form but seldom used with food, a few studies have shown it may actually suppress appetite.

Association: serenity, peace, security, friendliness.


Purples mix the emotions of red and blue making it both passionate and tranquil.

Best Used: non-dominant color.

Association: royalty, imagination, romance, instability.


Yellow radiates happiness.

Best Used: highlight or accent because it is very difficult to make dominant. Pair with contrasting colors to be clear.

Association: energy, encouragement, caution


Orange mixes the emotions of red and yellow giving it passion and energy.

Best Used: accent or splash of color it can be extremely difficult to use as a dominant color.

Neutrals & Browns

These colors are very natural and can go unnoticed. Depending on the colors paired with them they can take on their emotions.

Best Used: anywhere – backgrounds, accents, text – you name it!

Assocation: nature, wholesomeness, reliability, boredom

Black & White

Black and white are the purest forms of color and show formality.

Best Used: any way you’d like – but can be stark without accentuation.

Association: pure, mystery, elegance, perfection

Want to learn more about color and how to use it? Give me a call at the High Road Agency, I can help!

Written by Katie Westbrooks

Written by Katie Westbrooks

Art Director Contact Katie


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