My Favorite Design Inspiration Resources 

No one wants to copy, so sometimes in our quest to be innovators in the design realm we can be afraid to seek inspiration. These are a few of my favorite places to look to for inspiration.

Pinterest – Pinterest is a bulletin board style sharing site. There are millions of great boards out there aggregating content for any type of design inspiration for any subject you can imagine.

Dribble – Dribble is an artist’s twitter. Artists post their work, their followers then see it and comment on them. Oftentimes artists will even share related work of their own. It’s all about idea sharing and you don’t have to be a member to view.

Designspiration – This site is very similar to Pinterest but without the recipes and DIY craft tutorials. This site focuses on high-quality graphic design. You can search for keywords, create a collection of your favorites, and even search by color.

Design inspiration is all around us – you need only look. If you need help finding inspiration for your project, please reach out to our talented design team at The High Road Agency!