My, How Things Change With Facebook!

When you open Facebook, what do you see? Do you even bother to scroll through the feed or do you go right to the intended destination – Marketplace, a business you need information about, a friend’s profile? For me, I now use Facebook more as a resource than a way to socialize.  I feel bombarded by either excessive posts by individuals or even by the pages I follow.

Occasionally, I will see a gem amidst the chaos and feel the delight of what Facebook used to be.  Most often though, I get irritated with what it has become.  It used to be a place where you could go at the end of the day and see what your friends had been doing.  Some people post something about themselves every day or even multiple times a day, and I wonder if they think people care that much about what’s going on in their lives?  Maybe.  I mean, who is watching… really?

Facebook has gone through so many phases.  During election time, our newsfeed is filled with both political opinions of friends and news articles that seem to spew a common agenda.  Who wants to see all that ugliness and ridiculousness?  Not me – and the disenchantment lingered, so I have not interacted with Facebook with the same enjoyment that I did before the last election.

But, when you use Facebook as a resource, it does have benefits.  You can find all the basic information you need about businesses and organizations.  You can join groups that keep you updated on products or information that are interesting to you.  You can visit your friends’ profiles to take a peek at their lives or to remind yourself of their birthdays.

So what about using Facebook as a business?  You know that you have to have a presence there.  You know that you have to post regularly so that Facebook algorithms will include your content for fans to see.  You know that you have to advertise to share your brand and communicate your efforts and promotions.

How do you ensure that your content doesn’t become part of the jumbled mess of the newsfeed or get dismissed by your followers?  Firstly, you provide attractive, quality posts that reflect your brand. Secondly, you determine how many posts you need to effectively communicate, and, for some that’s up to three times a week and for others it can be multiple times a day.  Ultimately, you must engage, and that means that you need to create content that makes your followers want to React, Comment, or Share and you must reply or react to any such engagement.  Facebook is categorized as social media and that means that it’s essentially designed to be social.

If Facebook and social media isn’t your thing, let us help you.  We can determine what you need to be effective and not get lost in the newsfeed.