One of the world’s timeless culinary delicacies is the fruitcake.  My goal today is to show you how fruitcakes can be relevant, current and cool – “Fruitcake” is not an “F word” – rather, it can be fun, fantastic and flavorful.

From its candied fruit, seasonal spices, variety of nuts and hint of booze, the fruitcake has been around for centuries, and today is known as a reminder of special occasions and holiday festivities.  Seasonal marketing initiatives can be very impactful to your business whether you run a digital, social or video focused campaign that ties into Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Women’s History Month or any other special occasion.  Seasonal marketing isn’t a short-term solution; seasonal marketing can be targeted and impactful if developed correctly.

Running a marketing campaign that promotes your brand across different seasons evokes change and fluidity within a promotion. Can you only imagine the horrors from boosting the same image on a Facebook post year-round?  Mix it up. Even something as simple as boosting your brand or logo by adding a Santa hat to create goodwill among your clientele.

A fruit cake that contains a substantial amount of alcohol can remain edible for many years. It doesn’t need to be thrown away on Dec. 26, and can be eaten year-round.  Your marketing solutions can be elevated like a fruitcake by adding the correct ingredients to make them timeless, and last for many years.

The High Road Agency doesn’t just like fruitcake – we love it!  Preserved, memorable and thought-provoking, we can offer your company fruitcake solutions.

Want to share a slice of fruitcake with Matt and discuss timeless marketing opportunities for your company? Reach out to him at  He’ll bring the brandy too!