Seth Godin writes, “Great stories are rarely aimed at everyone. Average people are good at ignoring you. Average people have too many different points of view about life and average people are by and large satisfied. If you need to water down your story to appeal to everyone, it will appeal to no one. The most effective stories match the world view of a tiny audience—and then that tiny audience spreads the story.”

One of the hardest things about telling a meaningful story is understanding that your story isn’t for everyone. We feel like we have to please everybody. If we find someone who didn’t like our story, we feel compelled to track them down and find out why. Maybe we can fix it and make it better or different. But that’s just not reality. Some people are sci-fi and love Star Wars while others are drama and love A Few Good Men.

So how well are you doing at telling your story. Are you trying to make everyone like you? Have you decided who your audience is and who it isn’t? This is when your story really begins to make an impact. Let the High Road Agency help you find your audience and tell your story.

Seth Penley
Interactive Design & Video Specialist