When you log in to your favorite social media channel, what do you want to see?  Pictures or updates from your friends, humorous memes, educational videos, artsy pictures, current events, local happenings, shopping deals – it’s all there.

Each platform presents it differently too.  Instagram content is visual, and since I like pictures, I primarily post there and spend more time scrolling through the feed.  Twitter is a great place to find information quickly through searchable hashtags, so that’s the first place I go for major news updates.  SnapChat offers a quick, fun way to communicate and that’s where I track down my teenage sons.  YouTube is a great resource for learning, Pinterest has any recipe you can imagine, LinkedIn has industry resources, and Facebook is an amalgamation of them all.

Where do you spend your time?  You probably visit different platforms for different reasons like I do, but one may get more of your attention than others.  Friends often ask if I saw their latest post and often I haven’t seen it because they put everything on Facebook whereas I am more often on Instagram (where you can avoid negative news and media).  Some of my friends are super old school and just post text, so I have to visit their Facebook pages to see what’s happening in their lives.

Facebook is probably the best platform for interactive engagement.  One of my friends shared an entertaining post that asked what the most popular song was on your fourteenth birthday – now that was fun!  I wasn’t horrified to find out that “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston was my song, but I had more fun reading about my friends’ songs.  That’s how it used to feel on Facebook and it was nice to realize that there’s still an element of learning random things about your friends that make you smile rather than just political opinions and complaints.

When it comes to sharing your brand, what kind of content are you posting and where are you posting it?  Social media is about being social, so you need to let people see inside your brand image.  Add some humor, behind the scenes pictures, or interactive questions so that your followers can connect with you.  If you are limiting your content to business information only, perhaps you should consider including content that encourages more people to React, Share, or Comment to increase your visibility in the feed.

If you’re uncertain about how to develop your brand identity through social media, then let The High Road Agency help!