We’ve all been asked what our favorite color is since, well, since we learned the names of the colors. Through the years our answer changed – based on our emotions and personality at the given time. Color evokes emotion, connection, and overall mood.

Ever notice when you go to a doctor’s office and there’s a wall in the waiting room that’s green? There’s a reason for that. Color Psychology may sound silly but there are evidence-based insights about color meanings that bring a whole new level to your favorite color.

Quick Reference:

Red – attention grabbing, love, passion, danger.

Orange – youthful, positive, less aggressive than red but still attention grabbing, wellness

Yellow – happiness, joy, sunshine, positivity, light-hearted, fun.

Green – well-being, health, restoration, healing.

Blue – stability, reliance, trust, calmness serenity.

Purple – royalty, luxury, sophistication, power, wealth, creativity.

Knowing the insights to colors and what they represent or emotions they evoke can make tremendous strides in creating your brand. Choosing the correct color palette for your business is essential for connecting with your consumer.

So, that wall in the waiting room is green because it depicts a sense of healing and health and can put you at ease.