We recently helped organize a community luncheon based on the Field of Dreams movie theme, “If you build it, they will come.”  The baseball inspired event recognized the team effort of regional economic development endeavors.  Our task was to creatively communicate the concept through all aspects of the event from decor and menu to the digital presentation and guest take-away.

I’d like to apply this notion to social media.  A lot of people know that they need to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies, but they don’t quite understand how it works.  They think that “if you build it, they will come.”  Really?  I mean, logically, does that even make sense?

Think it through.  Your brand presence can be extended through a variety of social networks of which Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are among the most common.  Just because you create a great page for your business or organization with fabulous posts, you are not necessarily going to have a successful social media presence.  Do you really think that fans are going to flock to it and that everything you post will be seen, or that because you have something to communicate your message will get across?  How likely is that?  Social media is not a magical field in the ether that will bring people to you just because it exists.  You can have gorgeous graphics that portray your voice clearly, but that doesn’t mean that people are going to engage and thus increase your following and brand awareness.

So how do you make social media work?  You need to understand how it functions.  Algorithms determine the reach of your posts.  Organic reach occurs when your followers engage in your posts, and the more people that react, comment, and share the more your reach expands.  Once that ball starts rolling though, you have to maintain the momentum.  How do you do that?  Not only do you have to be consistent with your posts both in voice and timing, but you have to pay to play.  I’m sure you’ve heard that concept already if you’ve had any training in social media management.  It’s true.  Like it or not, you have to budget in boosts and ads in your social media campaigns.  You don’t just randomly throw a dollar amount on a post, you need to use network tools to access your target audience.  You can hone in on those who are most likely to support your business or purchase your products by establishing your geographic location reach, the age range and sex of your audience, and demographics, interests, and behaviors.  Detailed targeting will benefit your advertising efforts and strengthen your social presence.

Are you uncertain about how to utilize these tools?  Would you like to see the ROI on your advertising dollars?  The High Road Agency can help!