I don’t know about you, but I am a huge movie lover. I grew up watching movies, and I have always been a fan of a good story. So needless to say, having started building my library of films with Star Wars when I was 2, I have seen my fair share of movies. While the landscape of how movies are marketed now has drastically changed, my favorite part is still the trailer/preview. I immediately feel like a kid when I see that new movie trailer for the first time.

The trailer is such a powerful resource. In some ways, it can almost make or break a movie. A really well-edited trailer can make a bad movie look great. It can also make a drama seem like a comedy. So the trailer serves as an opportunity to communicate a very specific version or vision of the overall film to potential viewers. It is not the entire story. It is only a small part of it. Sometimes you get enough of the story to get the whole story. And then other times, the trailer is intentionally abstract or vague in order to create interest and tease the viewer to want more. You get a taste and hopefully want more. Whether you get enough of the story to believe you will want to see the entire movie or you get teased enough to believe you need to see more, ultimately the trailer is a marketing tool.

So what kind of messages are you putting out there about your business or organization? What little bite-size portions of your story are you teasing people with so that they will want more? Whether it is through a new website, through social media, or through a variety of other avenues, let The High Road Agency help craft trailers that make people want to see your whole story.