I love Lucky Charms.  Who doesn’t enjoy the marshmallow goodness of magical rainbows, four-leaf clovers and blue diamonds?   As a kid (and maybe sometimes as an adult), I would eat the cereal portion to leave just the marshmallows – those last few bites were perfect.

Originally, When Lucky Charms was first created in the 1960’s, the thought was to create a cereal that was a mix between a great cereal brand (the King of cereals Cheerios) and one of America’s favorite sweets (Circus Peanuts).

Great marketing is sometimes like a bowl of Lucky Charms.  As you delicately create a vision and brand for your marketing plan, individually these items are common and not special.  But, when you create a cohesive bowl of marketing/social (cereal), advertising (marshmallows) and PR (cold milk), that is when the magic really happens.

At the High Road Agency, I enjoy working with partners from various backgrounds to create a magical bowl of Lucky Charms solutions.  Marketing plans that are left untouched and not revisited often end up soggy with spongy marshmallows leaving the consumer underwhelmed and not impactful.

Would you like to share a bowl of Lucky Charms with Matt Bolas to discuss your marketing opportunities?  Matt can be reached at matt@thehighroadagency.com.  He also likes Captain Crunch and Fruit Loops if those are more your flavor.