Have you ever heard the phrase, “nothing in life is ever free.” Well, I believe that is true, but even if it were not true, I am not sure I would hold that statement to much value. I think I am maybe more inclined to believe that “nothing good in life is free.”

Free is free. In my experience, if you are getting something for free, there is either a hidden cost somewhere or what you are getting has no real value. Lots of times we get free things that then require further purchases or maybe require you to sit through a long boring presentation. You may get off without paying money, but you often pay with your time.

But value is tricky isn’t it. We want products and services that are valuable. We don’t want cheap and worthless things. That’s not anyone’s life goal. But so many of us want them for nothing. We want a thing of value without having to pay the cost or the price that really recognizes the value.

I think it is this way in the marketing world with many of us. I think there are lots of people who want great marketing services whether that is a website or social media presence or killer billboards on the highway. We want something of great value. But we don’t want to pay for it. We want the value, just not for the cost. And so what ends up happening so many times is that businesses or organizations end up handling many of these things themselves in order to get the free version. We know that using other resources that have greater value, but with a greater price tag would be better, but we can easily convince ourselves that it’s not that big of a deal.

If you find yourself in this place, I would encourage you to come see us at The High Road Agency. We’re not free. But we’re not free because we believe what we offer is really that valuable to you. Don’t be satisfied with “free” because I guarantee you that there is always a cost.