Last month, advertising firm st. john released a humorous video that parodies how many companies base their advertising. They called it: “Reactvertising”. WARNING: there are a few NSFW language moments in the video.


Reactive advertising comes in two forms.

One refers to putting your message in a place where you think large number of potential customers might see it, hoping that if they see the message enough times, it will stick in their minds and be recalled when they are ready to purchase. Examples include television commercials, billboards, radio ads and print ads.

The other refers to advertising that is reactive to an event that recently happened, such as the Oreo campaign that was featured in the above video.

Proactive advertising, on the other hand, refers to delivering your message to a customer at the moment the customer asks for it. This involves strategic thought and planning, analyzing the behaviors that your clientele might and should exhibit during the timespan of your campaign and getting your ad in front of them. For example, a florist anticipates that their customers might be online looking for a romantic weekend getaway for the middle of February and will place targeted advertising on hotel and travel websites.

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