Has anyone else surprised themselves by being excited that “mom jeans” are coming back in style? I was a young teen when they were popular in the 1980’s, and I loved my jeans! They weren’t always just blue denim or acid washed. I had rainbow checked, pinstriped, floral patterned, two­tone wide striped, and several variations of those. We accentuated those high­waisted jeans with all sorts of funky belts ­ neon pink, silver lamé, metal stretch with heart clasps, and studded red leather to recall a few. It also took real skill to roll the cuffs just right!

There have been so many trends in jeans throughout my fashion­minded decades. When “mom jeans” were popular, I couldn’t fathom how anyone could have ever worn bell bottoms or flare jeans (of course, now they’re two of my favorite styles ­ well, perhaps tamed a bit in the bootcut). Fashionable jeans transitioned through pedal pushers, zipper ankles, bleached and shredded, faded boyfriend Levi’s, black denim, white denim, dark washed low­rise, distressed straight leg, embellished skinny jeans, jeggings, and on and on. (Mashablehas a full denim dictionary that’s really interesting if you’re curious about even more styles.)

Scooting through your forties liberates you somewhat from trendy musts. This whole “mom jeans” intrigue is comically inspiriting. They’re familiar, feminine and comfortable although deemed ugly for a long time until now. I don’t necessarily like the way they look compared to other cuts but am glad that they’re back!

Remembering all those pressure filled days of putting on the perfect pair of jeans made me think of how much not only self-expression through fashion has changed but also how it has changed through our means of communication. When I was wearing “mom jeans” we didn’t even have call waiting on our landline phones. Nowadays, those who are perhaps more concerned about jumping into the latest clothing trend have no concept of what waiting for your mom to get off the phone so that you might catch a call from your boyfriend was like! Not only have telephones evolved into handheld computers that guide and contain your ENTIRE life, but communication itself has adapted to find its way through so many different channels.

The ever changing modes of communication can be somewhat overwhelming and even confusing as they continue expanding into digital space. Whereas we used to snap a picture on our bright yellow or purple Le Clic cameras and then wait FOREVER to actually get those images in a tangible form, they can now be delivered instantaneously and even altered to portray a memory the way we want to see it.

Once you have captured and edited that information, you have to decide which social platform will most effectively distribute it to your friends or audience. Each of us have our own preferences for sharing updates. Whereas I may enjoy tapping into my creative side and passion for picture taking through Instagram, you may want to shoot out trending news through Twitter (and hashtag #momjeans on either). Some may prefer keeping it organized by pinning images and information on Pinterest or uploading and filing videos to YouTube. Still others may want a little more personalized engagement through Facebook or professional networking through LinkedIn. Hey, and if you’re really anxious to share your experience immediately, stream it through Periscope or SnapChat! These are some of the more popular social platforms through which to communicate, but there are many more options.

Deciding whether to tweet or share updates with your friends on Facebook can be challenging enough, but considering which channels will be your best investment for business is another scenario. Business owners realize that in order to stay on top of the market, they’ve got to play in the social arena too, but they may not know whether to wear “mom jeans” or rhinestone studded, low­rise skinny jeans. Sure, anything goes in jeans these days, but you’re not going to wear distressed flare jeans to a high society fundraiser. You could possibly get away with jewel adorned Roberto Cavalli denims with Jimmy Choo stilettos, but you certainly wouldn’t want to hike the Grand Canyon in them!

Good thing we’re pretty hip at High Road Digital. We’ll know which style of jeans will best help you make that unforgettable impression when you step into the social scene. I’d recommend vintage sailor cut with swarovski trimmed buttons for Instagram!