It’s January, and it’s cold. Many of us might think that the winter months are for hibernating but in most businesses, winter and the first of the year is a perfect time to create and launch new marketing initiatives.  It’s just like making Snow Angels.

Picking out the “PERFECT SPOT”

Let’s say you’re looking to launch a new brand.  Picking out the perfect spot to market and launch your brand is critical. In the snow angel world, you want that untouched, perfect snowy-white blanket to reveal your masterpiece. Once you’ve decided on where to launch your targeted campaign, this is the perfect spot to implement your marketing strategy.


Just like in making a real snow angel, once you start your marketing, commit to the plan and spread those wings – making the perfect marketing snow angel.  Some of the greatest fails are due to knee-jerk reactions and not following the plan you created in the first place.

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