Do you like a good story? I know my son sure does. He is 3, and pretty much every morning at breakfast now, we have gotten into a routine. As he is eating his breakfast at the table, he wants me to sit down beside him and tell him stories. So as he eats his eggs and oatmeal, I make up stories about bears and sharks and airplanes. Usually, the main character has my son’s name. And I have created everything from monkeys turning into flamingos to honey eating dragons who like to play soccer.

What is it about stories that are so intriguing to us? They engage our imagination and open up entirely new worlds to us. Through stories, we gain knowledge and wisdom and often a new perspective on the world. Whether it is through movies, television, books, or made-up breakfast tales, we all crave a compelling story.

You have a story. Your business or organization has a story. Your product has a story. Often, the story part of who you are and how you got there gets lost and forgotten, and with it goes some of the power of who you are. Let us help you rediscover your story. Let us help you tell it and share it. Because everyone loves a good story.