What is your favorite part of winter? In general, I love everything about winter! But if I had to choose, my favorite would have to be SNOW… well there is also Christmas and cookies, but we will stick to discussing why snow is one of my favorite things about winter. Three of my favorite things about snow are trips to the mountains to go skiing, spending more time with family, and making snowballs.

With our milder winters, there are only a couple months with enough snow for good skiing in our region, but it makes it even more special. When we get our first snowfall, I know that the holiday season is upon us. The winter season brings many celebrations in my family from the traditional holidays to birthdays. Almost everyone in my family has a winter birthday, so it seems the celebration never quite ends during the winter months. And last but not least, the home where I grew up had the perfect hill in its backyard for all winter activities, such as sledding, but more importantly it was the perfect hill to get our snowballs rolling to make the perfect snowmen. But first, making snowballs and engaging in a snowball fight was, and still is, one of the best parts about snow!

The same approach we used to develop the best snowballs as kids can apply to creating a successful social media marketing plan using the snowball effect. The snowball effect in marketing is described as a campaign that builds over time; but like a snowball, once it is in motion it accelerates and continues to build. But like building a snowball, you have to start with a strong foundation so that the campaign does not crumble.

Let us help your business create the foundation to build your snowball arsenal and get the ball rolling.