Remember the TV show, Cheers – where “everybody knows your name” – and the happy notion of togetherness that the theme song incites?  Oftentimes, we’ll gravitate towards places that have that feeling and offer us a place to belong.

Perhaps that comes quickly in some scenarios, but usually being comfortable in a place or within a group takes times to develop.  A bright smile or friendly greeting lead to a conversation that gives you an idea of what others are about, what’s important to them, and what makes you compatible.  Sometimes what you do overlaps in ways that enable you to help each other as well.

Being part of a marketing agency provides you with something that every business owner or organization representative needs – access to tools that can help grow your business or awareness of your objectives.  And, when your office is situated in the heart of your community, you have an idyllic opportunity to build relationships with those you pass daily on the street or in the coffee shop.

We have been operating out of our Downtown Johnson City office for over a year now, and we certainly have some fantastic neighbors.  From our windows, we watched the development of Barley Waters Tap Room for months – anticipating opening night for just as long!  We got to know the managing owner through everyday comings and goings.  Attending their ribbon-cutting and holiday celebrations, popping by for a beer after work, or to shop the craft beer market helped establish that feeling of being part of something exciting, more than neighbors, more than downtown businesses – that awareness of growing within a community together and building something that offers something special to more people.  By becoming Barley Waters new marketing agency, we can not only spread the word about a unique business but together we have the chance to support the vision of downtown and create a thriving, interesting destination for people to enjoy that may also help open doors for other business to succeed by being part of something bigger than ourselves.

On the other hand, it’s pretty fantastic having a client with such a nice product inventory right across the street who frequently needs pictures taken for social media content!

The High Road Agency is here to help with all your marketing needs!