We’ve all seen the commercial with the infamous phrase, “can you hear me now?” Most people engage their customers by stating they listen to customer needs. But do they?

The first role to be an active listener is to stop talking. As simple as that seems, sometimes when we try to engage our customers we send so much information – blogs, social ads, video, etc. – that we often forget to ask them what they think. Or even worse, did we listen to them.

Listening creativity isn’t about hearing what people say, it’s about seeing what is under the surface – the emotions, intuition, reactions and responses from your messages.

At The High Road Agency, we listen. We listen to be able to learn what our partner needs are and how we can best create marketing solutions that are impactful and achieve results.

It’s as simple as the old adage, “if you’re talking, you’re not listening.” If you’d like to speak with Matt about your marketing needs, we would love to hear what you’d have to say – and create a solution that works best for you. Matt can be reached at matt@thehighroadagency.com