Last month, Adobe released an online test/survey to discover what your creative type is.

The test is similar to that of the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test, but takes you on a colorful, creative journey before finding out your true creative type. Your results stem from 15 questions. Following each question, there is a quick, fun animation depending on your answer. There are 8 different creative types, and…

Who am I?
I am the Adventurer.

What does that mean exactly?
“So much inspiration, so little time.”

The test reveals the following for “The Adventurer” Creative Type:

  • Creative Strengths
    High levels of creative energy, spirit of curiosity and play
  • Untapped Potential
    Committing yourself to developing one particular skill or project
  • Ideal Collaborator
    The Artist

Here is the lineup of a few creatives in our office:

Seth Penley

The Thinker!
Intellectual curiosity, ability to find and create meaning

Jayson Alexander

The Visionary!
Full of big ideas, ability to see potential and possibility everywhere

Katie Westbrooks

The Dreamer!
Connection to emotions and imagination, empathy and sensitivity

John Scott

The Maker!
Focus and dedication, ability to achieve mastery

What is your creative type? Find out here and share with us!

Sarah Mast
Interactive Design Specialist