One of the things I look forward to all week is my Saturday morning stroll through the Johnson City’s Farmer’s Market. As I meander through the pavilion with my wicker basket in hand, checking out the variety of produce and goods, I am filled with a sense of delight that I do not get shopping just anywhere. Being in the midst of so many friendly and familiar faces, people who work diligently and put so much of themselves into their products, I cannot help but feel a connection; to their product, to the community, and even the soil.

I see farmers who grow the produce they sell and know the land they work. I see people who make soap who knows all of the ingredients they put in and why. I see bakers who bake bread who want it to be the best you have ever eaten. I see people who care about what they do, who are tied to the results of their work and do it for more than just a paycheck.

With my wicker market basket full of local goods, I walk back home excited about creating delicious meals to share with my family and friends. Making an omelet for brunch with farm fresh eggs, homegrown tomatoes, onions and peppers, savory sausage, goat cheese, and locally churned butter, is not only super tasty but satisfying in many ways.

So what does shopping at the Farmer’s Market have to do with marketing? When you shop local you get a quality and attention to detail that you do not find from people hundreds or thousands of miles away that you will never meet. When I purchase produce from a man who grew it in his garden less than 30 miles away, and he hands me what he pulled from the ground, I know he has pride in what he hands me. We are not strangers. His reputation will be defined not only by the product quality but also by his dependability and friendliness.

When you search for a marketing agency to help you grow your business what do you look for? Most people want someone to talk to face to face with, to be able to accurately convey what they want, to make a connection with that person. When you meet with us at The High Road Agency about your marketing needs, we create a relationship. We get to know you and know what you want and do not want for your business. We want to see you succeed because when you succeed, we succeed, and when we succeed our community succeeds.

The High Road Agency is here to help with all your marketing needs!