A few days ago I was having a conversation with a close friend who is in graduate school. He was talking about how the school is cracking down on their attendance policy and how some of his classmates were complaining. They were making claims that they could learn just as much at home studying on their own without going to class. He told me, “don’t they know that half the battle is just showing up? How much can they do if they are not even there?” His statement got me to thinking about showing up and being there.

Working in social media management and advertising, people often think that this job can be done from anywhere with no visits to our clients. While this can sometimes be the case, what most people do not realize is that very often someone from our team is on location. This is especially the case during events. People can forget the “social” part of social media, but at The High Road Agency, we do not. This is why you will see members of our team at local events such as Rhythm and Roots, Fun Fest, etc. We understand the value of showing up and being present. When you see posts that we make for our clients they are done from the perspective of being there with the people. We hear the same music, eat the same foods, and walk through the same crowds like everyone else.

Our work is not done by people sitting in cubicles hundreds or thousands of miles away, it is done by people who live in the community. We do not just work here, we live here. This is not just our job, this is our way to contribute, to show people what our area has to offer. If you are planning an upcoming event and would like to get your message out, contact us at The High Road Agency, we would be glad to serve you.