If you are anything like me, then you have already been planning for and looking forward to the holidays for awhile. In this blog I will discuss why I love the holidays and why some of these beloved traditions could give your business a marketing boost during the holidays.

Gathering around the table.

The holidays resemble an annual reunion for my family. In the past, my family has rotated holiday “hosting duties” each year, but the past couple of years we have started a new tradition by meeting somewhere in the middle. With family in Georgia and Tennessee, we try to find a mountain getaway rental home in the Blue Ridge Mountains to spend quality time together and, of course, “gather around the table.” All of the family favorite recipes (oh, the yeast rolls) line the table and we dig in.

During the holidays there are many events and other opportunities to promote your product or service where there is a large group gathered around a table. A couple ideas are listed below:

  1. Does your business manufacture products that could be used as takeaway treats at local holiday events to promote your business? Promotional branded products are a great alternative for this as well.
  2. Host a Holiday Open House and invite customers, clients, and prospective customers and clients to show that you appreciate them and to get new leads into your door. Utilizing social media, you can create a buzz around your business and build engagement by promoting events such as an open house.
    P.S. We can help.

Cookies and Pies oh my.

Baking (and cooking) is one of my favorite things about the holidays. From delicately iced sugar and gingerbread cookies to the traditional apple and pecan pies, I love them all. Everyone loves a holiday treat, and when it is homemade or from a local bakery it means so much more.

While it may not always be practical to send a client or valued customer a holiday gift such as a cookie or pie, there are many other opportunities to show that you care and to remind them that your business should be one of their holiday shopping stops. When choosing gifts for clients you should keep two things in mind. If the gift is not consumable, you should determine if the item is something that your clients would actually use or if it will just end up in the trash can. If the gift is consumable, then it should leave a lasting impression to evoke memories of who the gift was from. Many individuals may share these gifts with others increasing word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

‘Tis the Season of Giving.

Of course it is great to see the elated faces and joy of friends and family as they unwrap gifts you placed under the tree. But giving during the holidays can mean so much more. Collecting and delivering gifts and holiday meals to underprivileged families brings a whole new meaning to the holiday season.

There are many ways your business can give back during the holiday season that can also boost engagement with your brand. Below are a few ideas:

  1. Plan and advertise a local food or clothing drive.
  2. Sponsor a charity event, such as a 5k race. Your logo will be plastered on most banners hung, advertisements placed, registration packets, and t-shirts given out to participants and volunteers.
  3. Run a charity campaign where a percentage of your profits go to a local non-profit charity. Your customers and clients will love that you are giving back to your own community.

If your business is in need of help with marketing your business for the holiday, or during any season, then we would love to hear from you. We at The High Road Agency hope that you, your family, and your business have a wonderful holiday season.