Do you remember when Polaroids were popular? Maybe not unless you are over a certain age.  Or maybe slides. Not Power Point slides. The kind that fit in that funny little carousel with the clicker. I am talking about a time when that was how you showed and shared your life. Polaroids. Canisters of real film. Slides in a projector. It was all about these little moments captured in time.

We live in such a different time now. While pictures are still massively important (if you aren’t following someone’s Instagram story, then you must be hiding in a cave), we live in a world of stories told through moving pictures, aka video. And video is POWERFUL. A single image shares one frame, one moment in time. And while it can be fun to extrapolate what lies before and after that frame, it can also take time and effort. From a marketing standpoint, you really want to minimize both time and effort required of your customer to get to the heart of your story. A video helps the viewer immediately visualize almost all of what you are trying to tell them with little to no effort. It’s all right there.

Do you have a story to tell? Maybe you have a product, service, event, etc. about which people need to know. Don’t be satisfied trying to bring customers into your living room to show them some boring slide show. Instead, give them an IMAX experience. Engage people visually so they truly understand the story you are trying to tell.

Seth Penley
Creative Producer