Who needs to handle your marketing? Because not marketing isn’t an option… the question is, who’s going to do it? There are a lot of benefits of handling the marketing in-house, but based on some pretty broad criteria that applies to many (most?) small businesses, outsourcing your marketing might be the best choice.
I work with many companies who have chosen to outsource part or all of their marketing efforts. Some have an on-staff marketing coordinator who manages the marketing efforts with various vendors. Some hand over their complete marketing budget in exchange for a sound annual strategy and transparent financial reporting.
  1. Budget
    Outsourcing is typically easier on the budget than hiring a marketing team in-house. According to Glassdoor.com, the national average for a digital marketer is over $60,000 per year, plus benefits/taxes/etc. Depending on the level of services that you need, you can outsource your marketing for the same or less, including the cost of printing, ad placement, mailers, media buys and more.
  2. Full range of talent
    A full-service marketing agency should be staying up to date on trends and strategies, attracting creative talent, and working every day to help make their clients successful. When you outsource with an agency, you’re getting access to that full range of expertise and talent. It would be very difficult to nearly impossible to find an in-house marketer who can create all the print, video, and content, effectively place the ad buys, manage the digital strategy… the list goes on. A small marketing team is required to wear a lot of hats, sometimes too many, and by partnering with an agency, you’re able to efficiently spread the workload across a team of people who are experts in their fields, and at a lower cost than bringing it all in-house.
  3. Management
    Having less to manage on a daily basis is typically appealing to business owners and managers. When you need to focus on sales, production lines, R&D, or any of the other essential aspects of your business, the daily minutia of Facebook posts is cluttering and distracting. By offloading these responsibilities to a team that you don’t have to manage, you’re freed up for the rest of the hats you wear.Additionally, an agency will often appoint a singular point of contact, making your management of the marketing team and strategy simpler and more efficient. The account manager should maintain an open line of communication with you, keeping you updated of the strategy, the content calendar, and the results of the ongoing efforts.
  4. Partnership
    When you seek a marketing agency to outsource with, you should be looking for a true partner. A true partner will consider themselves an extension of your team and devote their efforts to helping your business succeed. When you outsource your marketing, you are extending trust to another company and that partnership is a key to success. You also get to step back and see the results of the strategy from a further distance rather than having your view clouded by your proximity to the details.
Outsourcing your marketing just may be easier on your budget while providing better service and ultimately better results. At The High Road, we intentionally seek clients who can become true partners. We want to be an extension of your team and only work with businesses that we believe in because we pour our efforts into helping partners succeed. Interested in talking more about outsourcing? Give us a call at 423-900-8424 or email us at letstalk@thehighroadagency.com.

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