Visit The Shenandoah Valley

Choose your adventure.

Partnering with First Priority Marketing, we worked with the Shenandoah Valley Travel Association to freshen up their brand and launch a new website that enables visitors to choose their adventure when visiting the valley.

First Priority Marketing is a sister company to FPIS and is led by Linda Higgins.

Project summary

The Shenandoah Valley is known for its breathtaking and picture-perfect views in a region that is surrounded by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. With a wealth of incredible experiences available in the Valley, the Shenandoah Valley Travel Association (SVTA) wanted to refresh its brand to complement its existing “Epic Experiences Ahead” identity while also offering a new user-friendly website for visitors in the Valley.

Logo Design

The new SVTA logo needed to stay true to its identity and match the adventurous aesthetic of the region with an earthy, yet exciting, color palette.

Website Design

A user-friendly design with striking visuals to showcase the beauty of the Valley was top of mind for SVTA when discussing a new website. The site is organized into three main sections: the cities and towns, things to do, and where to stay. Utilizing a mega menu, the visitor is easily able to navigate and plan for their Epic Experiences Ahead in the Valley.

Website Stats

Points of Interest




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