The Efficiencies of Blimps

Aside from the Hindenburg and Goodyear, most people don’t know much about blimps. Perhaps that’s because they are seen as an antiquated form of transportation or perhaps most people just don’t care. But the blimp has a fascinating story.

Originally designed as a hot-air balloon that can be steered with forward propulsion, blimps became the primary airborne method of transportation in their prime. Airplanes took over as they offered faster speeds and more luxuries, but as far as efficiency, blimps still rule the skies.

Since blimps are positively buoyant, they don’t have to expend any energy to stay aloft. Engines are only run to provide propulsion. Air bladders within the blimp that control buoyancy are even powered by the engine exhaust providing further efficiencies. A standard blimp, running at 30 kts, 24 hours a day for a full week burns less fuel than a Boeing 767 burns to pull away from the gate at an airport. And while blimps get a bad rap for being slow and clumsy, that same blimp can travel at a stable 70MPH at a cruising altitude, allowing it to circle the equator in 14 days without needing to stop for fuel.

What does this have to do with digital marketing?

When choosing a media company, many people will steer towards a national company expecting that a large firm will provide higher quality products and more efficient services based on economies of scale. However, as the 767 requires so many resources to get moving and then stay aloft due to size, bulkiness, and baggage, the large media companies also carry large overhead with national advertising campaigns, spokespeople, call centers and the such, costs that are passed onto the customer. The local media company is truly the more efficient machine, available for personal visits and service, ready to provide the same high-quality products without the extra, often excessive, overhead, and with long-term stability within the market and the region.

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Content source: Stuff  You Should Know Podcast

Image: Wikimedia

Written by Kyle Wirick

Written by Kyle Wirick

Managing Director, Sales Contact Kyle


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