Content. It correlates to success or epic failure in today’s digital word.

Content isn’t just words; content can be videos, social posts, website, blogs, newsletters and digital communication with customers.  Helping create content is what we do at The High Road Agency.

More than 2/3 of marketing professional struggle in creating meaningful content for their company’s brand. There is also the challenge of effective means to deliver the content to consumers – but let’s focus on the former first for this blog. Identifying the audience, consumer and platform will help guide you for content creation.

In creating content for multiple platforms, there is not a “one size fits all” solution for creating content.  Yes, the content can all compliment and visually relate but.  For example, the same image used on Facebook must be edited in size for use on Instagram.  A video used on certain types of social media will likely be different in length than a broadcast commercial or website. A blog that is written for a consumer website isn’t the same content format that a media outlet might need.

Posting ten times on social media does not equate to great content or increased engagement.  In fact, posting irrelevant or too much content can have the opposite effect.  And once a customer is lost or hits the forbidden “Unfollow” button, the chances of obtaining that person back is nearly impossible.  On Facebook, a few times a week versus Twitter which can be a few times a day.

Would you like to talk more about how to create meaningful content strategies for your company?  If so, Matt will be happy to meet with you to see where your content fits.  matt@thehighroadagency.com