YouTube Might Be Right For Your Marketing Campaign

What makes YouTube a great channel?

Should you advertise on YouTube? You might want to consider it as it’s the world’s second most popular website, drawing 2 billion logged-in visitors every month.
YouTube marketing has grown significantly in popularity over the past several years as more people in the United States and worldwide utilize it for video surfing, searching, education, entertainment, and more. It reaches more consumers between the ages of 18 and 49 than any cable network and is second only to Google, its parent company when it comes to search engines.
YouTube users watch more than 4 billion videos per day and spend 40 minutes per session on average. It is a powerful marketing platform with a vast reach, so if you’re trying to decide how to allocate your advertising budget and you’re looking for that results, it is an undeniably attractive option.
The goals behind a successful YouTube campaign for our advertisers are:
  • Solid marketing strategy
  • Effective audience identification
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved brand Search Engine Optimization
What kind of ads is the most successful on YouTube?
  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Video discovery ads,
  • Non-video ads (banners, overlays).
To identify an audience, data that Google collects on its users is combined with the data that YouTube viewers provide through their search history, video-watching habits, and other online factors, which offer an incredible depth of targeting options. Additional targeting metrics can be used to refine the audience further.
Semantic targeting is an additional layer that can be added, along with YouTube’s internal data. This system scans all the videos on YouTube, focusing on detecting the language the video is spoken in, the quality of the video and audio, if the video has atmospheric conditions (being in a stadium or a concert), detecting key images or logos that appear in the video, and analyzing the metadata and comments. The system also transcribes all of the spoken words in the video, then categorizes and indexes the videos based on the highest semantic value as to the video’s content.
So, what would that look like? Let’s say your company produces steak seasoning. YouTube would likely play your ad before or during videos that have titles like “How to Cook a Great Steak” or “Top Five Steak Meals.” With semantic targeting, your ad would be placed before or during videos that are labeled “Backyard grilling” that features a segment about grilling steak, even though it wasn’t mentioned specifically in the description, title, or tags.
Other targeting capabilities:

Unique custom keyword targeting, which allows you to target based on the specific parameters of your campaign, is also available, along with:

  • Geolocation: Refine your targeting based on country, state, province, DMA, county, zip or postal codes
  • Languages: Reach audiences in 26 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and many more
  • Weather: Align impressions to be served while specific weather events are occurring in real-time (i.e. sun, rain, etc)
  • Triggers: From pollen level to pollution index, we can set up triggers to serve your ad when certain events take place
  • Retargeting: Track users who saw your pre-roll ad or visited your website and serve them additional impressions
YouTube also places premium importance on brand safety, via:
  • Page Check: First, we check the page content to prevent against inappropriate text and images
  • Sound Check: Then, we listen to the videos on the page and start by blocking violent sounds
  • Speech Check: Through speech-to-text transcription, we also check spoken content inside videos for inappropriate content
  • Content Check: Lastly, we classify the content of the video to ensure it aligns with your targeting
  • Additionally, by default, we exclude videos that include pornography, violence, alcohol, drugs, hate speech, and offensive language

Any video that includes pornography, violence, alcohol, drugs, hate speech, and offensive language is excluded.

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Written by Lori Worley

Written by Lori Worley

Director of Public Relations Contact Lori


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