In 2018, High Road gained a new partner that has touched many of our lives and our hearts, Touch A Life. Today, I want to share a campaign we created to increase fourth-quarter fundraising dollars and increase awareness of TAL’s vision.

The campaign was focused on the “Freedom” that the children have found since they have been rescued and brought to the Care Center. During our trip last year, we asked the children two simple questions: “What are you free from now that you are at the Care Center?” and “What are you free to now that you are at the Care Center?” The answers we received were profound. Below is an excerpt from a blog I wrote for TAL, where I recounted what we experienced while interacting with the children:

“During a recent visit to the Care Center, we approached the children with a question that no one should ever have to ask: Since you have been a part of the TAL family, what are you free from? We left a chalkboard next to the basketball court, and the answers were heart-breaking. Child labor, slavery, hunger, danger, sickness, fear, darkness, torture, anxieties, hatred, rejection, unrecognition, suffering, and failure were among the painful words the children wrote. The unfortunate reality for these children was not a childhood of freedom, but a childhood of pain and darkness.

Living in a country where freedom is the firm foundation, it is hard to fathom how hard life was for these children before they were RESCUED by TAL. The good news is that now these children are in the care of the TAL family, they have experienced freedom as a reality. We asked them a second question: Now that you are a part of the TAL family, what are you free to? The answers mended our hearts and warmed our souls. Peace, education, play, live, dance, sing, pray, grow, change the world, fulfill my purpose, make a difference, and to be loved by God were among the heartening responses.”

For the campaign, we designed multiple print pieces (which acted as TAL’s 2018 year-end appeal), created their 2018 impact report, and strategized an accompanying social media campaign. The main print piece was a five panel, landscape folded brochure that introduced the campaign, an overall look at TAL’s vision, and the year-end donation ask. Take a peak:

View the Impact Report: TouchALifeKids.org/Impact

Facebook: Facebook.com/TouchALife

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