Misused Words That Make Us Nuts


I admit it. I am one of THOSE people. The ones who silently judge misplaced apostrophes, cringe over incorrectly spelled words (even in texts) and die a little on the inside when others misuse words.

Yep, I’m a card-carrying member of the grammar police. Of course, we all make mistakes.  I certainly do – but I do try to learn from mine. Others, eh, not so much. No matter how many times you tell them that irregardless is NOT a word, they say it anyway, making me die a little inside with every erroneous use.

Not to beat a dead horse but that kind of word slaughter sticks in my craw like hair in a biscuit. To that end, I present you with a list of some of the most commonly misused words and phrases that make my eyes twitch.

  • For all intents and purposes – Correct
  • For all intensive purposes – Incorrect
  • Supposedly – Correct
  • Supposably – Yes, I know lots of people say it but it is NOT right!
  • Deep-seated – Correct
  • Deep-seeded – Not by a long shot
  • Two – Number
  • Too – Also
  • To – Direction or connection
  • Lose – Can’t find something or didn’t win
  • Loose – Not tight
  • Their – Something that belongs to them
  • There – To be in that place
  • They’re – Contraction of they are
  • Your – Possession
  • You’re – Contraction of you are
  • Specific – Something in particular
  • Pacific – an ocean, has nothing to do with what you’re saying. Trust me.
  • Accept – To receive
  • Except– To exclude
  • Further – Figurative distance
  • Farther – Physical distance

There are others, and I’m sure you have some misused words of your own that make you a little crazy when you hear or see them, but these are tops on my list. Just remember, if you’re not sure which word to use, just look it up. Google is a great tool – and so is the dictionary!

Written by Lori Worley

Written by Lori Worley

Director of Public Relations Contact Lori


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