Since joining The High Road agency in September 2017 from a 20+ year career at tourism offices in Bristol and Kingsport, I consider myself fortunate to still work in the industry I love (Tourism Marketing), and work with a plethora of extremely talented and creatively diverse people. Each month I hope to highlight some of these special talents I get to see in action almost every day.

Katie Westbrooks is a hero.  We have several heroes at The High Road Agency, but this month I must give special mention to Katie Westbrook’s work on the Visit Sevierville Visitor Center’s new display, “John Sevier: Tennessee First Hero.”

When HRA received the call about working on a new exhibit for Visit Sevierville, we were all excited to be working on such an important and impactful project with a great partner.  Katie – whose roots are actually in Paris, Texas – volunteered like the patriots of past to design an informative, interactive and visually creative display.  Being a history buff, Katie researched the stories by reading book after book, actually going to the library, and working with area history museums to learn more about the stories and even props that were being donated and encased in glass at the exhibit.

The impact and history of John Sevier as Tennessee’s First Hero is an incredible story, and Katie wanted to capture his revelry and spirit in her design. At the same time, she wanted to inspire children and newer generations who are learning about his importance for the first time.  Just like John Sevier, she worked with a fervor and passion that makes me proud to call Katie a teammate.

Below are a few photos of the finished project, but to be truly inspired as I was, you must travel to the Sevierville Visitor Center itself.


To learn more about The High Road Agency’s super heroes, email Matt at  To see the incredible John Sevier exhibit at the Sevierville Visitor Center, it is conveniently located off I-40, exit 407.