LinkedIn recently released a guide for social media managers with updated stats about the platform and offered heavy hints that brands should consider increased advertising efforts on their platform.

According to the guide, “Engagement on LinkedIn is booming. Members are engaging with all forms of content on LinkedIn at record rates, and that engagement is accelerating. Consider that mobile LinkedIn sessions are growing 57% year over year!” Here are a few more statistics offered in this guide:

linkedin stats

The first statistic really surprised me. When thinking about different social media platforms, LinkedIn is not necessarily the first one that pops into my mind. But after contemplating, I realized that I do find myself scrolling through my LinkedIn feed at least once each day.

Do these robust statistics mean that your brand needs to allocate a portion of their advertising budget to LinkedIn? Not necessarily. As they mention in the guide, you need to ensure that any social platform your brand is engaged with is the right fit. Does LinkedIn foster the right environment for your audience and open an effective line of communication with your audience? If you answered yes to this question, then LinkedIn may be a great platform for your brand.

Do you need guidance in constructing a social media strategy? Whether you need help determining if LinkedIn is the right platform for your brand, or the long list of other powerful social media platforms, we have a team that can help you succeed.

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