Local influencers are a growing option for marketers looking to elevate their brand. I know we all want that celebrity endorsement from Taylor Swift or Oprah, however those expectations and ad budgets rarely exist. In reality, if money was going to be spent on elevating your brand, a better suggestion would be to engage influencers in your area that are familiar with your business.

Will local influencers work for any business? In most cases, it will work… if the local influencer has an audience (following) that matches your core customer profile. It is also important to know that any influencer you hire should be familiar and have experience in the field of your business.  It is also a good idea to outline in a contract, who has the rights to the content that is created and shared.

Again, if your primary goal is to elevate your brand through social media, a local influencer campaign that lasts a few weeks might be a good option.

Finding the best local influencer is often like finding the right employee – human interaction of some form is necessary to determine if the influencer is the correct fit for your business.  Be sure to check out their social media following and posts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

An in-person or video meeting is essential to outline strategies, start a conversation and determine goals so that both you and the local influencer benefit from the partnership.

To learn more about how your company can engage social influencers, feel free to email Matt Bolas at matt@thehighroadagency.com.