We all know you love Pumpkin Spice Season, and just like this luscious beverage, launching a marketing campaign that promotes your brand across different seasons can be quote beneficial to your brand. Even something as simple as posing your brand or logo in front of an incredible holiday backdrop.

Seasonal marketing initiatives during “off-season” sales times help keep your brand fresh year-round. These strategies can be very impactful to your business whether you run a digital, social or video focused campaign that ties into autumn leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other special occasion.  Seasonal marketing isn’t a short-term solution; seasonal marketing can be targeted and impactful if developed correctly.

This strategy will also allow your social followers know your brand is open year-round, and create engagement in the “off-season” to ramp up to when your company is truly “on-season.”  This is also a great time for your consumers to learn about your company instead of only learning about your products.

As we enter Pumpkin Spice Season, now is the time to implement impactful and unique marketing plans for your brand. Reach out to Matt at matt@thehighroadagency.com if you’d like to discuss a seasonal marketing strategy.

Matt Bolas
Partner Success Manager & Tourism Development Specialist